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Tel: +44(0)1561 362227   E-mail: info@tectic.co.uk

cylinders, calorifiers, direct, indirect, copper, stainless and mild steel
Pressurisation units
Stanless Steel Air and Dirt Removal
JP02  Tied EPDM Rubber Bellows Flanged NP16 & NP6 (Red Band)
Buffer vessels, copper, steel, mild, stainless
Air and Dirt Seperators
U-Tube heat Exchangers copper cylinders
air heater battery low loss header, hydraulic balancing
Low Temperature Radiators -ideal for heat pumps
High Output and Designer Radiators - Ideal for heat pumps

FREE Design Service available for most products

Hose Assemblies
Pipe anchors - FREE design service
Inertia Bases - FREE design service
Anit Vibration Components - FREE design servce Stainless Steel Pump Connectors
Expansion Joints - FREE Design Service
JP01  Untied EPDM Rubber Bellows Flanged NP16 & NP6 (Red Band)
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